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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Open For Business ... Dx3 session with Dave Wallace

by Keith McDonald
Fresh back from attending the Dx3 trade show where The City's CIO, Dave Wallace (@CIODave) joined a panel of guests speaking about Open Data. 

The session was: Open for Business: The City of Toronto's Open Data Initiative and presented an opportunity for Dave, and also Phyllis Berck - Director of the Toronto office of Partnerships, to share some thoughts with digital business players.

I wish the session was better attended but c'est la vie. The dialogue was insightful and demonstrated an eagerness for connecting.

photo of panel in discussion at Dx3 session
Somewhat dark photo of the panelists in discussion

Tweeting the event
I tweeted the event as it unfolded and you can grab way more specifics via @TOwebRebrand  - to me the most validated aspect of all was clear agreement there shouldn't be an expectation for the City (or cities) to do everything themselves (from data out to app to consumer). Here is where partners and leveraging the skill sets of everyone is needed.

Thanks to@Wilf Dinnick who moderated and inspired the session - we were talking about how it would unfold with Wilf back in the fall 2011.

We expect to get video footage of the session in a few weeks. I'll try to construct some clips out of this that highlight key exchanges.

Meantime, where do you think free enterprise can connect with Open Data?

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