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Friday, January 27, 2012

Stuff We Know Of Page ... Coming From Our Open Data

by the DATA eh? team 
You asked for it and now we respond with a listing of apps and other that leverage City of Toronto data presented at toronto.ca/open.

BlackBerry with apps from City of Toronto data listed on screen

Fine Print
We present this listing with no editorial or endorsements what-so-ever. It's just a list of what the DATA eh? team knows to be "out there" and attributable to our data. This isn't an exhaustive list - there are some uses we may not have heard of yet - you can help make the list more complete by contributing to it here via comments.

Apps* & Other:
There's more on the list ...

Apps* & Other continued:
 DATA eh? # 15


B. Sutherland said...

Toronto Public Libraries
Install 'Layar' - Search 'TPL'

Andrei Marukovich said...

I have a couple of apps for Windows Phone 7:

Toronto Beaches
Toronto Events

TO Web Centre Team said...

@AndreiMarukovich - the link on Toronto Beaches isn't working and we can't find it on a search. Perhaps you can clarify.

TO Web Centre Team said...

OK, let's add this as a link: Toronto Public Libraries

Andrei Marukovich said...

@TO Web Centre Team - Sorry, here the links accessible for the non-registered users too:

Toronto Events - http://www.windowsphone.com/en-CA/apps/b9187724-d488-43d7-8b87-90e98166a6e7

Toronto Beaches - http://www.windowsphone.com/en-CA/apps/5f2352fd-f5bf-4875-9da1-fade2869a18b

TO Web Centre Team said...

@AndreiMarukovich ... awesome, thanks!