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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Digital City ... Thinking Like The Web

by Keith McDonald
It's amazing how fast an hour can go. Fresh from an evening chat live via 49Pixels and Episode 5 of their Digital Cities web casts, I can say we actually could have gone longer! Not that I wish us on anyone but both Trish Garner and I weren't sure we would have enough to say as we started up.

49Pixels Live hosts Jason and Lindsay pictured with Keith and Trish circled around their microphones.</div>
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With thanks to Alan Langford for the photos - 
In this pic, Trish and Keith are live with Justin Kozuch and Lindsay Munroe

Great Discussion
But we had no problems! One of the items we talked about is an Ideas-Thon at the City. We'd like to get together with the community and make some more noise together. Watch for more news in this space as we gear up for such an event.

Of course, we also let drop the fact we are blogging now as DATA eh? We soft launched in October and are pretty much good to go at this point. If you are visiting us here as a result of the show - welcome and, please, join in !!!

We're looking for contributions - especially to help lower the gap in understanding what Open Data is all about. You can help make a bridge between in-the-know developers and not-so-in-the-know users.

Do you have some stories to tell? Let us know ...

There was lots more chat items on the show than these two things! You can hear the full interview anytime you like right here.

Talk to us about what you think a digital city means ...

Here are more pics from the night - again, thanks to show producer Alan Langford as we grabbed the shots from his Google+ space.

Me (Keith)


Lindsay and Trish

DATA eh?#10

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