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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DATA eh? presents MapJam!

By the DATA eh? team
Continuing to contribute to the Open Data dialogue, we're sponsoring MapJam! - a special geospatial follow-up to our May 3rd DATA eh? Day.

The City of Toronto's geospatial team will be on hand to take questions about city geographic data, mapping, technologies used, tools, apps and standards and demo mapping capabilities. Stations [so far] include "Conversion Tables" and "Architects GIS" plus a "Meet Up" table.If we're fortunate, Joey Coleman [fingers crossed!] may join in after 2:00 p.m. to teach a Fusion Tables workshop.

DATA eh? identifier with slogan we want to take you higher

There are three time slots available for the same presentations:

  • 1:00 - 2:30
  • 2:45 - 4:15
  • 4:30 - 6:00

The MapJam! is in the afternoon, Wednesday, June 20. Pick a time and sign up at Eventbrite!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Giving The Finger To The Google Self-Driven Car

By Keith McDonald
So, by now, you've probably heard the buzz about the Google self-driven car being approved with the first "autonomous vehicle licence" in Nevada right? If not, it's a car, now legal in Nevada, that does the driving for you using GPS, laser range finders, video cameras, position estimators, radar and an inertial motion sensor. In short ... data!

I thought this might be another example to help explain why data is valuable and why we are so keen to have open data out and be as acurate as possible.

one way sign saying DATA eh?

Clearly, if you are going to trust a car to do the driving for you, you are going to want it to have all the data it needs to do so.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DATA eh? Shout Outs

By the DATA eh? Team

At our May 3 DATA eh? Event we gave shout outs to individuals the Open Data team agreed "went beyond the call of duty" getting toronto.ca/open up and running. We presented 10 Eh's in all. Here are the script notes acknowledging the Eh? winners:

DATA eh? Award photo - small wooden plant with the word: Eh? spelled out in red at top

Friday, May 4, 2012

From Meaningless To Meaningful!

By Keith McDonald

For me the best of the quotes from yesterday's DATA eh? Event were:
  • "Move data from meaningless to meaningful"
  • "I'm not a bureaucrat"
and (sorry it's my own)
  •  "No animals were harmed in the making of the DATA eh? awards"

alphabet soup with DATA eh? Quotes in letters in the soup

If you attended, did you have any favourites?

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

DATA eh? eh ...

By Keith McDonald

Well, I'm stoked!  Fresh from our first DATA eh? Event, our team has much to ponder as do (does?) the communities. The event planners really, really wanted to enable networking. Looking at the twitter feed #dataeh, I think we got there! Yay!!

We taped the session and, when I get the footage, I'll work up some clips. Just heard (2012/05/07) the video coverage did not come out so we won't be able to post clips :0(

More later as I get some distance and perspective and chat with our team.

If you were there, thanks for coming. Let's continue talking here!

shot of Council Chambers and screen in room saying Panel Jam

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