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Friday, May 4, 2012

From Meaningless To Meaningful!

By Keith McDonald

For me the best of the quotes from yesterday's DATA eh? Event were:
  • "Move data from meaningless to meaningful"
  • "I'm not a bureaucrat"
and (sorry it's my own)
  •  "No animals were harmed in the making of the DATA eh? awards"

alphabet soup with DATA eh? Quotes in letters in the soup

If you attended, did you have any favourites?

DATA eh? #22


Christian Muise said...

The term: Data Rendering

TO Web Centre Team said...

@Christian - yes, that is a good example of how thinking of accessibility can enlarge the vocabulary and make one pause on being as inclusive as possible. I also learned that we should have narrated the short video at the start. Given we only had text references on the clip, it was not accessible! My apologies there for sure.

Note: For those not at the event, we began our panel discussions by using the term "visualizations" but the discussion led to other terms for this (with accessibility in mind) such as "renderings". For those who are unable to see, the term visualizations is indeed misleading.