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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We want it!

NOTE: This is content from the web re:Brand posts going back to November 2010. We have kept the re:Brand posts as a legacy archive but, on a go forward basis as of October, 2011, the new DATA eh? content takes over this space.

This video caught fire since we posted it to our City of  Toronto YouTube channel.

It's part of a full radio and TV campaign for recycling electronics. It's well done, educates while amusing viewers.

That's good communication by my book.

But I wonder how far we can take it?

I mean, the City probably couldn't sell the harder and delicate issues we face this way ... or could it?

Part of the issue with social media is that it is not a given audiences will come in huge masses and partake. (Ha, ha, the re:Brand blog is an example of that!) Indeed, the work has to have something about it that stimulates enough to make it "comment worthy" or "share worthy" thus becoming "buzz worthy" and maybe "influence worthy".

So it's food for thought ... how do you want to receive your information? With a smile attached to it ... a nod and a wink or deadpan serious? Is there a middle ground?

How about time and place - when is it OK to move along the "funny ha ha" spectrum and when isn't it?

Some of your thoughts would be helpful as we go forward in reviewing how we present content at toronto.ca.

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Anonymous said...

Love these guys!