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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The City of Leon and something about something about something and something else

NOTE: This is content from the web re:Brand posts going back to November 2010. We have kept the re:Brand posts as a legacy archive but, on a go forward basis as of October, 2011, the new DATA eh? content takes over this space.

The re:Brand team was talking just this week about the parable of the tortoise and the hare.  Maybe toronto.ca is a bit like the tortoise. In a rebrand (redesign or refresh) context, we haven't gotten to the release stage of presenting major changes to the web yet and other city sites are ahead of us.

Of course, there are some examples right now that our users can see and ponder (see Parks, Rec & Forestry pages) but no whole scale, final, "this is it" changes from us yet.

This is why it's a bit ironic to find out about the City of Leon. Apparently they got their website done in 24 hours!

When I stopped by and saw they have 2400 residents there it did give me pause. In fact, I think you could phone each and everyone of them - that's quite possible - to engage in conversation rather than using twitter or facebook (which they are doing). You know, if the phone were invented now, it would be the next big thing.

Anyway, it's a bit of apples vs. oranges to compare our challenges to their challenges.  I won't even go there but I will say ... kudos Leon!

And kudos to Luke Fretwell who posts about his effort in the process on his blog. If this doesn't illustrate something about something about something and something else I don't know what does. (fill in the somethings for me ...)


Pat said...

Hey Keith, Sorry, totally unrelated, but came across this and immediately thought about how it might work within the city to make council meetings and proceedings more accessible: http://exchange.kaltura.com/content/3play-media-interactive-transcript-plugin Demo: http://www.3playmedia.com/interactive/interactive-transcript/

Keith from the TO web re:Brand team said...

Thanks Pat ... here is the link activated: http://www.3playmedia.com/interactive/interactive-transcript/ pretty awesome stuff - we've started captioning videos at our YouTube channel btw.