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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Canada Day (Belated)

By Keith McDonald
Did you wish Canada a Happy Birthday this year? I did and was impressed by how media covered our 145th B-day.

What impressed me most was the data. We're doing pretty well for 145. Consider these data bytes gleaned from the Toronto Sun's Canada Day visualization page (not found on-line): 

canada eh? birthday cake with 145 candle

Canada Day Data:

Canadian Firsts -
  • to eat poutine
  • to send and receive a wireless message
  • to play a hockey game
  • in lobster production
  • in flaxseed production
  • in pea production
  • in canola production
  • in lentil production
  • in maple syrup production
  • in mustard seed production
Canadian Mosts -
  • Gold medals in hockey
  • time spent on-line
  • park land
  • undefended border
  • freshwater
  • coastline
  • Tim Hortons
OK, so a lot of the Canadian stereo types are true! If we were to take some of this information and bring it together with the data from other countries we could certainly do an analysis of "apples vs.apples" elements (maybe I should say "syrup to syrup"). 

The resulting tale could influence where you do business or where you might want to live. Even impact tourism. I'll leave all that to other powers much greater than DATA eh?

For me, I'm just glad to be here! Happy Canada Day and to any readers in the States, 4th of July.

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