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Monday, October 5, 2009

Fare Media vs. Fair Language

A while back the TTC brought out a sticker on the Metro Pass - along with other security measures making it harder to fake a pass. What caught my eye was the writing on the sticker:

This fare media is only valid if this sticker is removed

I remember commenting on Twitter at the time that this wasn't very clear language.  If you went up to the booth and asked the dude or dudette behind the glass for a monthly "fare media", they would certainly have given you a look.  At least, I think they would have. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I got my October pass and saw:

Valid only when sticker removed

I think this demonstrates a few things.
  1. it is easy for big organizations to go big in language
  2. it is easy to change it
  3. it shows an ability to respond to criticism
I'm not saying it was my tweet that motivated the change but I suspect I wasn't the only person who saw the sticker as being too complicated. So, kudos to the TTC Communications group for making a change that reads better (at least to me).

We hope we can be as responsive at toronto.ca to items of confusion or concern from users.  If you spot anything that reads poorly on our site, let me know here.

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